Licensed Securities and Derivatives Dealer

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Our approach

At ANDIKA, we offer our clients specialised equities and derivatives general advice and execution.

Unlike a majority of wealth management organisations who take a passive approach to their clients’ investments, we take an active approach and look to make absolute returns for our clients.

Active management of options

We are able to add value to clients’ portfolios through the active management of options as a means to generate higher returns whilst reducing risk.

This concept has been around for decades, but has been relatively ignored and/or misunderstood by the broader wealth management community. These strategies, when implemented correctly, add value to clients’ portfolios, and are also suitable for SMSF portfolios.

Our Services

  • ASX listed Australian Shares and ETFs
  • Derivatives Trading (Exchange Traded Options)
  • Margin Lending
  • Cash Management Accounts (CMAs)
  • Sophisticated Investor Placements
  • Company IPOs

General advice only

ANDIKA only provides general advice and execution service levels.

General advice means that we are able to provide you with recommendations or opinions about financial products or strategies but we will not consider whether it is or might be appropriate for your particular personal circumstances, needs or objectives.

Any advice provided to you will not be tailored specifically to you or consider your personal needs in any way and therefore you should, before acting on any of the advice that we provide you, consider the appropriateness of the advice having regard to your objectives, financial situation and needs.

ANDIKA does not provide a Personalised Advice service level.