ANDIKA Corporate Authorised Representatives

Why you should operate your financial services business under ANDIKA’s AFSL

There are significant benefits to being a CAR under ANDIKA

  • Retain a greater revenue split than what the mainstream houses pay. The minimum revenue split is 15/85. Why give the mainstream houses 50-55% of your revenue when you can retain 85%?
  • The ability to incorporate. Why shouldn’t you enjoy the benefits of forming your own corporate entity?
  • Build a financial services business that is worth something.
  • Be in control of your own destiny and not some manager who at the stroke of their pen can change what you earn.

So unless you hate money… email Andy Semple for a confidential discussion about how ANDIKA can help you keep more of your trading commission in your pocket.

Our Corporate Authorised Representatives

Feel free to contact them individually on why they deal under the ANDIKA AFSL

Smoling Stockbroking
Aldersley Capital
Super Network
Super Equity
C&L Investwell